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I'm here to help you find harmony & happiness, as you navigate motherhood & running a business.

Dear mama...

I'm a Mindset & matrescence coach for self-employed new mamas.

I support YOU as you prepare for and move through motherhood, alongside running your online business.

As an entrepreneurial mama myself, navigating these two paths was a challenge like no other. I know how it feels to feel connected, yet disconnected at the same time. To feel certain, yet so uncertain. To feel strong, yet vulnerable. To feel lost but found. As a new mother, we can experience pure, unadulterated bliss alongside inexplicable overwhelm.

 I have been there and in ways, am still there myself. Matrescence is an infinite journey - one that's unique to you and to me.

You crave the answers to balancing business & baby. You desire wealth and freedom. You seek clarity and inner peace. You want to be the best mother and feel confident in who you are. You want to support your clients and grow your business.

 This is all completely possible for you mama.

       , I'm Rebecca


you now have two powerful identities that must now co-exist. ‘Mom’ and ‘Entrepreneur’. It’s a multi-layered transition like no other. And one that I am here to help you navigate. 

Meet your fellow mama

Hi mama! I’m Rebecca Thatcher, mama to a beautiful two year old boy named Arthur.

My own journey into motherhood revealed gifts that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

The greatest gift of all was stumbling across the term ‘matrescence’. It was the missing puzzle piece I didn’t know I needed.

If only someone had shared this term with me. Told me that how I was feeling was perfectly ‘normal’. That the transition into motherhood is transcendent, so of course you won’t feel like ‘you’. Of course you will feel disconnected, out of place, lost, challenged and uncertain.

And that of course these feelings can live alongside the pure joy and adoration you have for your baby.

Many mamas who have felt this way. But, we didn’t know how to articulate it. Matrescence gives us the words to express those feelings.

Matrescence is the ongoing process of growth and transformation a woman traverses in her journey to and through motherhood. Like adolescence, it’s a time of rapid change physically and emotionally. Matrescence impacts our identity, relationships, career, friendships - even spirituality.

- nikki Mccahon

how i can help you...

I’ve evolved from From Corporate Digital Marketing Manager. To Freelancer. To Social Media Manager. To Ads Manager. To Done-With-You Service Provider. To Ads & Funnel Strategist. To Coach. To Mama.

And I’m now a  Mindset and NLP Practitioner, and Matrescence Coach.

Combining these new skills with my 10+ years of online marketing expertise, I’m here to support and guide you through this season in life - with compassion and ease.

Helping you flourish as a mama AND a business owner.

The moment we birth our baby, we birth a new version of ourselves. She’s wise. She’s growing. She’s changing. She’s unfamiliar.