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I've packaged some of my *best* strategies, tips and recommendations to help you grow your audience AND sell successfully online.

*These really are the best bits, usually reserved for my clients and students, so scroll down and dig in! I can't wait to hear how these resources help you!



In my on-demand training, I'll teach you:

The must-haves that help you create a high-converting, successful funnel

3 funnel strategies that grow your audience AND generate consistent monthly income

The #1 way to introduce easy passive income into your business - even if you don't have a digital product yet! 

What is a 'feel-good' funnel and how to create one for your online course or product



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In my 10-page guide, you’ll discover:

How to be discovered by the right people - and stop wasting budget serving all the WRONG people!

25 interest-based targeting options to choose from - all tried and tested by me!

How to structure your audiences so you can get your online course and digital products into the hands of the right people

The 3 key targeting strategies to choose from with Facebook and Instagram ads

5 funnels that grow your list and generate revenue

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In my 11-page guide, you’ll discover how to:

Introduce passive income into your online business

Think strategically about product positioning, ensuring you make the right offer at the right time for your audience

Set up and sell your online course within an evergreen funnel flow

Turn new subscribers into customers within minutes of them opting-in to your freebie!

Approach funnels (or FLOWS as I like to call them) in a way that feels authentic to you - not icky and sleazy

7 ways to grow your audience ahead of your next launch

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In my 13-page guide, you’ll discover:

How to reduce your cost per lead

The 7 strategies my clients follow to consistently grow their list, followers and engagement – with the RIGHT people

Simple yet effective ways to build your audience, taking the pressure off during launch periods

Why audience-building is so beneficial to your business, and crucial to the success of your online launches

Plus how to achieve this through paid AND organic content!

my audience building bundle has Everything you need to reach the RIGHT people with your Facebook and Instagram ads 

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stop the guessing games, for good.
discover how to target and connect with your ideal audiences with...

The essential toolkit every online coach or entrepreneur needs to grow their audience, impact and profits through ads!

If you're clear on customer avatar, have an amazing offer to share with them but are yet to make Facebook/Instagram ads work for your business...this is for you my friend.

The Ultimate audience building bundle

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I'm Rebecca, an Ad & Funnel Strategist, but beneath the technical title is a drive to connect coaches with their dream customers. With over 10 years of big brand experience, having spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars on Facebook™ad campaigns, I know how to create meaningful connections between you and your next client. I’m here to help you connect with your perfect people with ease – and absolutely zero sleaze! Whether you’re new to paid social or you’ve been dabbling in Ads Manager for a while, I’m here to help everything make so much more sense.