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your next big launch

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Are you preparing for your next big online launch?

Before you put all your energy into creating your offer, and planning a high-value launch event that's not-to-be-missed, let’s create you a powerful advertising strategy – the key to better connections, and bigger impact.

You're ready to dazzle your dream customers with your latest online offer! But it’s essential you have a powerful ad strategy in play to help you achieve your good, better or *best* goals.

Youve had successful launches

You know your ad conversion rates don’t lie – so, it’s time to up the anti. But the ad budget you have in mind needs to be invested wisely.

Your dabbling days are over and knowing exactly how your ads are going to support your launch, is just as important as your email sequences, inspiring content, and the launch event itself!

But with so many strategies, ad objectives, audiences and more to consider, what is the best plan for you, and your business? How can you reach your DREAM customers at the perfect moment and welcome them into your world?

If only you had an Ads Strategist on hand to help make the daunting task lighter, and create an easy-to-follow plan that supports every stage of your launch…

But you’re ready to go bigger with this next launch. 

You’ve filled your latest coaching programs, welcomed many new members to your tribe and received heart-felt messages from your course students – the kind that make you feel all the feels. 


I get it

You aren’t looking to handover ads management just yet (although I know after this BIG launch, that’s definitely next on your agenda!).

But defining your ad strategy so that it supports your vision and helps you to connect with the people you dream of serving over the next few months…well that would come in pretty handy. Especially when you’re about to invest the most you’ve ever spent on Facebook™/Instagram™advertising!

Sail into your launch knowing that you have full confidence and clarity on how (and when) to spend that ad budget wisely.

Yes, I need this!

By the end of our Strategy Intensive:

You’ll know how to support each stage of your launch with advertising for maximum impact – from build-up to sale, and the steps in-between!

The Strategy Intensive is designed to keep you calm, and make your next big launch feel a little lighter. When investing a hefty budget into ads, you want to know you are spending it well, giving yourself the best chance for success – and in reaching more of those who need you in their lives. And that’s what I’m here for.

You’ll have clarity on exactly which audiences to focus your time and attention on

You’ll have a clear plan of which ads to run when, and to who

You’ll be confident in optimising your ads, spotting a winner quickly and knowing when to cut your losses

You’ll have a ready-made ad funnel, removing one thing from your long launch to-do list!

What's included?

a 60-minute strategy video call to discuss your product, launch plans and targets

An on-boarding questionnaire to capture your business and launch details

a customised advertising plan for your launch, delivered within 7 working days of our call


an ad funnel roadmap, detailing the structure of the campaign in a beautiful, easy-to-follow visual

audience research so you know exactly how to target your dream customers


*In order for me to help you as best as I can, please book at least 6 weeks ahead of your launch date. 

Access to the meeting recordings and summary notes of recommendations

if you outsource ad management to a VA/OBM, you're welcome to bring them along to our calls



Your investment

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Rebecca transformed my launch in just one call

“She identified all my Facebook Ad blindspots and gave me the strategy to follow to fill my launch, whilst also setting me up for success after the launch. I'm so excited to do my next launch with Rebecca’s expertise and plan things in advance to really maximise the Ads. I can’t imagine doing it without her now.”

rose kirby, wealth coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I finally have a concrete plan to scale!

"Rebecca's Strategy Intensive offer was just what I needed! She put together a plan that was beyond my expectations! Before seeking her help, I really struggled to get into a strategic mindset. I was just spending money on ads with no strategy! But now, I finally feel like I have a concrete plan to SCALE, and I'm so excited to implement it!"

lindsay Maloney, business coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I had the highest number of sign ups ever!

"The thought of Facebook ads used to fill me with dread, but having Rebecca's support through the Strategy Intensive made me much more confident - especially in reaching my exact niche. I can refer back to the plan and apply it to all future campaigns! I also generated the highest number of sign ups I've ever had to a webinar launch which was amazing!"

Alice O'Connor, Mindset & Mindfulness Coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I no longer fear ads!

"I truly felt in safe hands with Rebecca. I didn't feel confident with Facebook ads at all but knew they would be powerful in supporting my first group programme launch. After our Strategy session and with Rebecca's support, I no longer fear ads - they aren't scary at all once you know how!"

Deborah o'Grady, the brand Coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


The patience of a saint

"Rebecca has shown me the patience of a saint. She has always been able to clearly explain terms and processes in a jargon free way.  Through her 1:1 support, I have been able to better identify my audiences and re-organise my ads strategy. Rebecca has definitely gone the extra mile and I would not hesitate to recommend her."

kim griffin, occupational therapy coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I feel like I can do this now

“After speaking with Rebecca, I feel like I can actually start learning this! I would love to outsource Facebook ads because I hate tech but I really think this will help me get started until that time!”

Shari Teigman, maverick mindset coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I welcomed 319 new members!

"Ads scared and overwhelmed me. I was nervous about getting it wrong and wasting money, but after following the plan Rebecca created for me, I feel like I can totally boss them now! The ads for my latest membership launch led new people my way, which meant that the impact my work has is even bigger and has led to more lives being changed. I welcomed 319 new members which was incredible!"

Maisie hill, women's health expert & author of Period Power

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


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