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Could your campaign be working harder for you?

You’ve been doing this Facebook™Ads thing for a while now and things have gone smoothly. Dare I say, you’ve actually done pretty well with some notable success.

But you've worked on this next big launch for weeks and your campaign results leave much to be desired. You did your research, you've created great copy, and you know your offer is perfect for your dream customers. So why aren't the ads doing their job?

If only you had a magic wand with the power to make results soar, as well as keeping those pesky costs down!

Are you experiencing badly-behaved facebook™ads?

Don't panic! Before you waste another penny on a low-performing campaign, let’s unveil exactly what changes are needed to make a BIG impact.

Enter your Facebook™fairy godmother - AKA, me!

Now, I don’t own a wand, and there isn’t one magic answer for all (I wish!) but we can certainly get those ads to behave themselves. Let’s uncover it together and turn this launch around sharp!

I get it

You (or your VA) know the ropes well, so you don’t need me to manage the ads for you.

But a pair of expert eyes to sanity check your campaign when you're spending the big bucks wouldn’t go amiss, right?

Breathe a sigh of relief and go full steam ahead with confidence as I take a peek at your ads, share my recommendations and provide you with actionable steps to turn them around.

What can you expect?

In-house ads management

Your ads management stays in-house but you gain reassurance that your campaigns are set up in the most efficient way.

Review account set-up

I’ll review your ad set up, and give you direction on how to strengthen your proposition.

Overall ads health check

Ads need TLC so I’ll give them an overall health check to ensure they are working hard for you (and continue to do so!)

PLUS access to me and my years of expertise. Trust me, I've seen it all!

This optimising power hour will save you £££s as you’ll learn what to stop doing immediately, and what to start doing more of in order to generate the best results for your business!



Your investment

Book your Facebook™Ads Audit today

How do we do this?

Simply book a 1 hour time slot for your Facebook™Ads Audit and we’ll jump on a video call.

We'll share your screen... I can see exactly what's going on in your ads account, analysing  everything from your campaign structure to your results, and assess them in line with your goals.

I'll make recommendations...

...for optimising your campaign, walking you through exactly what I would do if it were mine (and my budget) and make suggestions for improvements.

You can ask questions...

...during the call and pick my brains - that hour is yours! I will follow up with a summary of recommendations, as well as a recording of your Ads Audit.




Rebecca transformed my launch in just one call

“She identified all my Facebook Ad blindspots and gave me the strategy to follow to fill my launch, whilst also setting me up for success after the launch. I'm so excited to do my next launch with Rebecca’s expertise and plan things in advance to really maximise the Ads. I can’t imagine doing it without her now.”

rose kirby, wealth coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I finally have a concrete plan to scale!

"Rebecca's Strategy Intensive offer was just what I needed! She put together a plan that was beyond my expectations! Before seeking her help, I really struggled to get into a strategic mindset. I was just spending money on ads with no strategy! But now, I finally feel like I have a concrete plan to SCALE, and I'm so excited to implement it!"

lindsay Maloney, business coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I had the highest number of sign ups ever!

"The thought of Facebook ads used to fill me with dread, but having Rebecca's support through the Strategy Intensive made me much more confident - especially in reaching my exact niche. I can refer back to the plan and apply it to all future campaigns! I also generated the highest number of sign ups I've ever had to a webinar launch which was amazing!"

Alice O'Connor, Mindset & Mindfulness Coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I no longer fear ads!

"I truly felt in safe hands with Rebecca. I didn't feel confident with Facebook ads at all but knew they would be powerful in supporting my first group programme launch. After our Strategy session and with Rebecca's support, I no longer fear ads - they aren't scary at all once you know how!"

Deborah o'Grady, the brand Coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


The patience of a saint

"Rebecca has shown me the patience of a saint. She has always been able to clearly explain terms and processes in a jargon free way.  Through her 1:1 support, I have been able to better identify my audiences and re-organise my ads strategy. Rebecca has definitely gone the extra mile and I would not hesitate to recommend her."

kim griffin, occupational therapy coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I feel like I can do this now

“After speaking with Rebecca, I feel like I can actually start learning this! I would love to outsource Facebook ads because I hate tech but I really think this will help me get started until that time!”

Shari Teigman, maverick mindset coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I welcomed 319 new members!

"Ads scared and overwhelmed me. I was nervous about getting it wrong and wasting money, but after following the plan Rebecca created for me, I feel like I can totally boss them now! The ads for my latest membership launch led new people my way, which meant that the impact my work has is even bigger and has led to more lives being changed. I welcomed 319 new members which was incredible!"

Maisie hill, women's health expert & author of Period Power

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


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