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I've packaged some of my *best* strategies, tips and recommendations to help you find more harmony & fulfilment as you navigate motherhood alongside business.

my go-to tool For moments that feel very overwhelming


In just 8 minutes:

Create space to take a pause, go inwards, connect with your self

Unlock the resources you need for the tasks or day ahead eg, motivation, creativity, focus

Activate your inner-CEO (even after a chaotic morning getting the children ready!)

Move to a calmer, lighter & clearer state of being

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Inside this guide, you’ll learn:

How to shift away from focusing on what you DON'T want, to what you DO want - and what that is

The key contributors to your overwhelm in this season of motherhood, and how to move through them

Practical and reflective exercises to help you increase self-compassion & self-acceptance, which reduces overwhelm

How to unpack overwhelm and the role it plays in your life - where is it coming from? How is it impacting you?

A no fluff, deep-dive designed to help you detach from overwhelm,  informed by my background in mindset coaching & NLP.

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