How to minimise                         in motherhood

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How to minimise                          in motherhood

& business

I know you're trying to do it all

Mothering. Running a business. Being a good wife. Looking after your home. And yourself. Not to mention the weight of the mental load, and the immense pressure you place on yourself to be everything to everyone. 

No wonder you're feeling overwhelmed!

In my FREE workbook, I help you move from overwhelmed, to step into the happier, calmer, more content you.

It's a no fluff, deep-dive designed to help you detach from overwhelm, & is informed by my background in mindset coaching & NLP.

Inside you’ll learn:

How to shift away from focusing on what you DON'T want (to be overwhelmed), to what you DO want - and what that is

The key contributors to your overwhelm in this season of motherhood, and how to move through them

Practical and reflective exercises to help you increase self-compassion & self-acceptance, which reduces overwhelm

How to unpack overwhelm and the role it plays in your life - where is it coming from? How is it impacting you?

Finally, learn how to confidently manage
& move through overwhelm! 

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