The Ultimate Facebook Ads Campaign Planner

Make Facebook Ads simple with the help of my ready-to-use workbook – created just for you.

Let’s be honest - it can be completely overwhelming!

Let me take the wheel as I coach you through each essential step of planning A powerful ads that get results!

Does it feel like Facebook Advertising is a dark art that you’re never going to get to grips with?

You’re in Ads Manager, you know what you want to promote but there are so many steps to take before getting your ad live. Is there an order you should be following? Should you be creating more than one ad? Is there a secret insiders club that no one talks about?

It’s time to step away from Ads Manager and get planning! Before creating your next Facebook campaign, it's important to invest time in developing your strategy. Trust me, it'll make your life so much easier when it comes to building your ads! To help you along your way, I’ve created a handy workbook that walks you through every step, breaking this Facebook Ads stuff down into manageable chunks. I’ve even included a glossary of all those terms you have to Google every time you create a new campaign. Custom audiences (whatever they are?!) will make you run for the hills no more!

I’ve drawn on my 10 years of experience in the ads world and hand-crafted this 26-page workbook to guide you through the must-dos, and steer you away from confusion, overwhelm and defeat. Once and for all.

You’ll follow the exact steps I take when working on client campaigns, and the methodology I teach in my Coaching Programme. But the best bit? It’s all in a language you can actually understand.

What's included?

Goal setting

Set goals and targets so you can measure the success of your campaign.

Define your audience

Define your audience so you reach the right people .

Audience segments

Plan your audience segments – that’s right, wave goodbye to ads that serve only one audience!

This is the ONLY Facebook Ads PLANNING blueprint you need.
Trust me. You will never create a campaign again without it.

Budget and timeline

Set your budget and timeline .

Advert copy planner

Plan your advert copy, images and those all-important A/B tests .

Importance of planning

Discover how crafting a strategy and creating a plan saves you time, energy and money! 

Want a sneaky peek inside?

here are a few of the
26-pages jam-packed with Facebook ad goodness!