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May 8, 2019

5 Ways To Grow Your Online Business With Facebook Ads

Rebecca Thatcher | Facebook Ads Strategist | 5 ways to grow your business with Facebook ads

Facebook is an ever-changing platform. New updates and features constantly keep us on our toes, both for organic content (posting content for free) and paid content (advertising content).

One thing remains consistent with Facebook though. It is the cheapest, most-effective way to reach your ideal customers. How? Through highly targeted adverts that put your business in-front of the right people, getting them to take action.

Organic reach will only get you so far. But if you’re looking to bring in a continuous stream of quality leads and make a measurable impact on your business, advertising is the only way to go.

If you’re marketing your business on Facebook right now, you’ve already decided that it’s a platform worthy of your investment. Granted, that investment may not be monetary but what about the time, effort and energy you spend creating content and managing your page? Surely there must be a price on that…

‘But are Facebook ads right for my business?’

I get asked this question a lot and every time my answer is ‘YES!’. If you still need convincing, here are 5 reasons why you should, without a doubt be advertising on Facebook.

It will never be more cost-effective than it is right now

Compared to Google AdWords and other paid social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook is highly cost-effective.

No other platform successfully generates high-quality clicks to your website at $0.05 per click, or brings in leads at $1.50 [these are results from a recent client campaign I ran in Australia].

How do we know they are high-quality ie, your ideal customer? The targeting options available in Facebook are so sophisticated. They’re like no other, allowing you to craft the right message, for the right person, and serve it to them at the right time.

Back in 2009, when I first began running Facebook ad campaigns, they were even cheaper. As more businesses venture into running paid content, the more competitive the space, and the higher the cost per result becomes.

But would you say no to $0.05 cost per click, or $1.50 cost per lead?

Despite its popularity, Facebook advertising remains one of the cheapest means to reach your dream customer, but this won’t always be the case.

There are over 600 million Facebook business pages currently and only 6 million of those are actively advertising. That’s just 1%! That will increase overtime and as big brands start to shift investment into Facebook and away from other mediums like TV advertising, the cost will be driven higher still.

So now is the time to explore advertising and generate amazing, low-cost results whilst you can.

You have direct access to your customers

There are almost 2.3 billion monthly Facebook users, with 6 new profiles created per second! What does this tell you? It’s not just you, me and Beyonce on the platform my friend. Your customers are there too.

Users spend an average of 20 minutes on the app or desktop version every day, which gives you 8,400 seconds each week to be seen by your dream customers.

With organic reach evermore limiting, the chances of your business being discovered through free content is slim. Did you know that an organic post from a business page will only reach 6.4% of the page’s fanbase? If you have 200 fans on your page, every time you publish content, it’s only being seen by 13 people.

If your existing fans aren’t even seeing your content, there’s little hope new prospects will without running adverts.

Convert prospects into customers with remarketing

Every business owner (me included) has experienced a prospect showing interest in your offer but then for one reason or another, they decide not to go ahead. It happens. But what do you have in place to ensure you don’t lose that prospect?

With Facebook ads, you can use powerful targeting techniques to reach out to warm audiences (people who have interacted with you on some level or shown interest in your offer), and nudge them further along your marketing funnel. Using this technique in combination with relevant, high-value messaging, you can successfully convert them into a customer.

Facebook advertising helps you to close any holes you may have in your marketing or sales funnel, ensuring that no primed prospects are lost.

You can bring in new leads

Once you begin converting customers through your ad campaign, you can then use another clever targeting technique to help you find more leads!

Using the data you’ve collected from your new customers, you can instruct Facebook to search for audiences who are very similar to them. Searching for similar audiences means that they are likely to be interested in your offer too.

This magical feature has worked wonders for my client’s campaigns! They are called ‘lookalike audiences’ and they are every Facebook Ads Strategist’s best friend. As they are created based on existing customer data, the chances of that audience containing future prospects for your business is very likely.

Test new ideas and gather feedback

If your sales are steady and you aren’t looking to scale your business right now, advertising can still prove useful when it comes to market research.

Perhaps you’re looking to develop a new product or service, or wish to get feedback on an idea before developing it further, with Facebook ads, you have millions of people ready and waiting to help!

I’m not talking just simple surveys or questionnaires. Ads can help you test visuals, brand messaging, gauge if there’s interest in your market for a new product. You name it, there will be a way to gather relevant insights that could save you a lot of time and money.

If you’re keen to start using Facebook ads to grow your audience, start by working through my free Audience Growth Guide. I created it for beginners just like you – it even includes the best organic strategies I recommend too!

7 Ways To Grow Your Audience Before Your Next Launch

If you have any questions about Facebook advertising, ask me on Instagram.

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