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Whether you want to run Facebook™ Ads as...

...a coach, supporting your online launches, and connect with your ideal customers, 


...a virtual assistant or online business manager, supporting your coaching clients and helping them to have their best launch ever...

You know they are the key to making better connections and bigger impact with your next launch

 With over 2 billion active users on the platform alone,  Facebook™ is OF COURSE part of your marketing plan to support your next launch. And there really has never been a better time to dial up your Facebook™ Advertising strategy whilst you're there - not only because of the huge growth potential for your business, AND the fact your DREAM customers are right there, waiting for you to discover them.... 

But because Facebook™ Ads will never be as cost-effective as they are today.

In order to capitalise on this right now and ensure your messages spreads far and wide, you NEED to be armed with the tools and knowledge to run high-impact, results-driven campaigns for your next online launch. 

You're ready to step your launch-game up. You want to create better connections, bigger reach and high impact, allowing you to be seen by more of your dream customers. The people who you KNOW you can help with your latest offer, if only they had a chance to discover you...

You're in luck my friend, as I'm working on an incredible group coaching programme that will take you from beginner-to-bold-and-brave! From overwhelmed and unsure to confident and knowledgeable! From fearful to fierce!

You'll step into your next online launch knowing exactly WHO you want to reach, and exactly HOW you're going to reach them, armed with all my best strategies. Strategies that allow you to be authentically you and to connect with your people with heart and soul (no sleaze will be found here!). But the difference is, you'll know how to reach them on a grander scale, and invite them into your world lovingly.  

I have worked with thousands of clients just like you. No matter whether you are a coach or support a coach, I can help you find your fire with Facebook™ Ads.

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But there's one small problem...

You have NO idea where to start when it comes to Facebook and Instagram advertising! 

Rebecca transformed my launch in just one call

“She identified all my Facebook Ad blindspots and gave me the strategy to follow to fill my launch, whilst also setting me up for success after the launch. I'm so excited to do my next launch with Rebecca’s expertise and plan things in advance to really maximise the Ads. I can’t imagine doing it without her now.”

rose kirby, wealth coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I finally have a concrete plan to scale!

"Rebecca's Strategy Intensive offer was just what I needed! She put together a plan that was beyond my expectations! Before seeking her help, I really struggled to get into a strategic mindset. I was just spending money on ads with no strategy! But now, I finally feel like I have a concrete plan to SCALE, and I'm so excited to implement it!"

lindsay Maloney, business coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I had the highest number of sign ups ever!

"The thought of Facebook ads used to fill me with dread, but having Rebecca's support through the Strategy Intensive made me much more confident - especially in reaching my exact niche. I can refer back to the plan and apply it to all future campaigns! I also generated the highest number of sign ups I've ever had to a webinar launch which was amazing!"

Alice O'Connor, Mindset & Mindfulness Coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I no longer fear ads!

"I truly felt in safe hands with Rebecca. I didn't feel confident with Facebook ads at all but knew they would be powerful in supporting my first group programme launch. After our Strategy session and with Rebecca's support, I no longer fear ads - they aren't scary at all once you know how!"

Deborah o'Grady, the brand Coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


The patience of a saint

"Rebecca has shown me the patience of a saint. She has always been able to clearly explain terms and processes in a jargon free way.  Through her 1:1 support, I have been able to better identify my audiences and re-organise my ads strategy. Rebecca has definitely gone the extra mile and I would not hesitate to recommend her."

kim griffin, occupational therapy coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I feel like I can do this now

“After speaking with Rebecca, I feel like I can actually start learning this! I would love to outsource Facebook ads because I hate tech but I really think this will help me get started until that time!”

Shari Teigman, maverick mindset coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I welcomed 319 new members!

"Ads scared and overwhelmed me. I was nervous about getting it wrong and wasting money, but after following the plan Rebecca created for me, I feel like I can totally boss them now! The ads for my latest membership launch led new people my way, which meant that the impact my work has is even bigger and has led to more lives being changed. I welcomed 319 new members which was incredible!"

Maisie hill, women's health expert & author of Period Power

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


Meet your Coach

I'm Rebecca, an Ad Strategist and Coach, but beneath the technical title is a drive to connect coaches with their dream customers. With over 10 years of big brand experience, having spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars on Facebook™ ad campaigns, I know how to create meaningful connections between you and your next client. I’m here to help you connect with your perfect people with ease – and absolutely zero sleaze! Whether you’re new to paid social or you’ve been dabbling in Ads Manager for a while, I’m here to help everything make so much more sense. 

Group Coaching Programme

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