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The essential toolkit every online coach or entrepreneur needs to grow their audience, impact and profits through ads!

If you're clear on your customer avatar, have an amazing offer to share with them but are yet to make Facebook/Instagram ads work for your business...this is for you my friend.

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Facebook and Instagram ads create endless opportunities for next-level success.

With the help of targeting, you have the opportunity to connect with countless ideal customers, helping them to discover your greatness, and welcome them into your world.

People who need you. Your help. Your product. Your support. Your knowledge and expertise.

No matter where you are in your online business journey – you always need an audience.

I know you are trying to do ALL the things to grow your online business. But you are ready for more.

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You're ready to step up your launch-game. You want to create better connections, bigger reach and high impact, allowing you to be seen by more of your dream customers. The people who you KNOW you can help with your latest offer, if only they had a chance to discover you...

But there's one small problem...

You don't know how to reach your dream customer.

You know the basics of ads but lack confidence in knowing how to tap into their true POWER. 

You're tired of creating audiences through guesswork, and never getting the results you desire.

And you desperately want to start seeing conversions from your ads, rather than a negative ROI.

A checklist of ALL the core audiences you need to build, including people who have visited your website, watched your videos, sent you an Insta DM...and more!

How to set up your Facebook pixel and event codes

What's included?

20+ short tutorial videos showing you how to create CUSTOM audiences, step-by-step 

How to set up powerful lookalike audiences so you can continually add new people into the top of your funnel

Take a look at the ads, funnels and strategies some of the world's biggest online entrepreneurs are using to grow their audience with Facebook and Instagram.

We can learn so much about online business, simply by studying the model of our heroes. And their Facebook/ Instagram ad strategy is no exception! 

This short guide showcases how some of the internet's finest business brains are using ads to continually grow their audience.



Getting your audiences right is THE most important part of YOUR AD CAMPAIGN!

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Wasting money serving ads to the wrong people

Facebook pixel nightmares

Custom audience confusion

Feeling completely clueless navigating through Ads Manager

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Ready-to-use custom audiences, filled with your warmest leads

The Pixel installed easily and working beautifully, tracking every action on your website

Lookalike audiences built and primed to find more of your dream customers

Clarity and confidence that you have everything in place to create highly targeted Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns

Having complete confidence that your Facebook and Insta ads will be seen by the right people

Knowing how to retarget website visitors, invite someone back who didn't sign up for your opt-in and reach your warmest leads

Understanding exactly what buttons to press in Ads Manager as you have your very own personal guide showing you what to do

Feeling excited to start your ad campaign, knowing it will connect you with your dream customers who so need your help!

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WAS £97

Meet your Coach

I'm Rebecca, an Ad Strategist and Coach, but beneath the technical title is a drive to connect coaches with their dream customers. With over 10 years of big brand experience, having spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars on Facebook™ ad campaigns, I know how to create meaningful connections between you and your next client. I’m here to help you connect with your perfect people with ease – and absolutely zero sleaze! Whether you’re new to paid social or you’ve been dabbling in Ads Manager for a while, I’m here to help everything make so much more sense. 

Are you ready to create greater success and impact with your ads?