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Imagine if...

...The courses /products/services you work SO hard to create sell out every time you open the doors...

...Your audience and email list grows consistently everyday, with the RIGHT people…

...You had a waitlist full of your ideal customers before you even launch…

...Your notifications and DMs were full with messages from dream prospects, enquiring how to work with you…

And you knew exactly how to tap into this magic!

 This is all completely accessible for you through the power of Facebook and Instagram. You are already tapping into this to promote your online launches, but with over 3 billion active users across the platforms, there really has never been a better time to dial up your Advertising strategy whilst you're there. Not only because of the HUGE growth potential for your business.

But because it's a fact that your DREAM customers are right there, waiting for you to discover them.... 

In order to capitalise on this right now and ensure your brilliance spreads far and wide, you NEED to be armed with the tools and knowledge to run high-impact, results-driven campaigns for your next online launch. 

This isn't another A-Z Facebook ads course. This is a guided coaching programme, designed specifically for online entrepreneurs who love to launch - whether it's live or an evergreen funnel - and who want to harness the power of Facebook and Instagram ads to help them create more success with their launches. 

If you're ready to develop your ad skills so that you can create more impact, revenue, and freedom through scaling with ads, you are absolutely my ideal student, and I would love to welcome you to the programme. 

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Ads To Impact

Ads To Impact helped me generate new leads!

“Rebecca's approach is so refreshing and cuts out a lot of jargon and BS! The course was informative and efficient, and I always felt that Rebecca was making the most of our time together, packing it full of learning and information. It's given me a very accessible understanding of how to run ads - something that was previously a mystery to me. ”

natasha hassani, director at neon rocks PR

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I loved this course!

"I've loved working through the Ads to Impact course with Rebecca. She helped simplify everything I'd overcomplicated in my own head. If you're thinking of taking this course, you will go from being clueless about ads to finally understanding how to piece them all together, learning how to build stand-out creatives and a solid strategy that will help your business grow!"

Vix meldrew, content creator & community founder

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


I feel empowered instead of intimidated

"Rebecca helped me to completely redefine my relationship with Facebook and Instagram ads. I'm no longer intimidated about using ads to grow my business and instead feel empowered and excited! The mindset work helped me to reframe my thoughts and feelings around using Business Manager and creating ads from scratch. All I can see now are the possibilities!"

Chris Thatcher, neoman founder & Coach

Created by Noura Mbarkifrom the Noun Project


Have we met?

I'm Rebecca, an Ad Strategist and Coach, but beneath the technical title is a drive to connect coaches with their dream customers. With over 10 years of big brand experience, having spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars on Facebook ad campaigns, I know how to create meaningful connections between you and your next client. I’m here to help you connect with your perfect people with ease – and absolutely zero sleaze!

What if ads could feel easy, and dare I say it....fun?

Take a giant leap towards success today and


launch ads coaching programme

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Ads To Impact

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